About Us

Established in October 2010.

It all started when we recorded a webcam video lip-synching to the famous song "I Want It That Way", that went viral on Facebook. A comment was made that instead of BSB (Backstreet Boys) we should go by ISB (Indostreet Boys).

That moment would change our lives forever...

Over the next six years, we have continued to create whatever we set our minds on. We have filmed parody music videos, recorded remixes to popular songs, choreographed routines, and even directed our own short film. Even with no professional experience, we strive to entertain and make as many people laugh and smile as we can. 

Now in 2016, we have finally decided that our next venture is in design.
That's where our INDOSTREET brand was born.
We just want to show love to all the supporters and reach out to various communities. Our mission is now to incorporate art, entertainment, and fashion to make creative content. If you would like to collaborate or have any ideas, feel free to contact us! God bless.
we're not just designers
we're not just entertainers